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> Unsere Projekte


  1. Production of wood chips for farmers

District heating plants in South Tyrol

  1. Fast and flexible

  2. Large diameter of standing timber

South Tyrol – Department for Torrent Control

  1. Reliability and expertise

Calabria – Electricity Plant

  1. The power station combusts 600 tons of woodchips and produces 14 MW of electricity a day.

Power Production – Department Biomass / France

  1. A leading energy service provider in Europe

Spain – Customer ENEL

Shipment to Italy

  1. Processing of 200,000 tons per year

Other Projects

  1. Private customers

  2. Hotels

  3. Handicraft businesses

  4. Tree-felling businesses

  5. Market gardens

  6. Town and valley administrations

  7. Various companies in the field of environment engineering

  8. Cable car companies

  1. We do business in all Italian provinces

  2. District heating plants all over Italy

  3. Project in Nizza – France

  4. International companies in the field of energy 

  5. Project in Portugal